When planning a vacation, I do exhaustive and meticulous research, devour the latest travel publications, websites and reviews, follow tons of travel bloggers, engage in forums and work with my supplier teams all over the world. I leave no stone unturned. People often tell me that they would love to go on unique trips like we do, but don’t know where to begin nor do they have the time and patience to organize it. The overwhelming amount of choices leads them to complete paralysis, and so they end up booking the same simple trip to Florida over and over.


I have the expertise, international connections, and experience to create tailor-made, money-saving, and purposeful trips. I do all of the essential legwork including booking flights/lodging and creating a custom, detailed daily itinerary. But the real distinction in my work is in the comprehensive details that will make your trip stress-free, meaningful and all-encompassing. 


I do the unique, from finding authentic restaurants, interesting souvenirs, diverse and fulfilling activities, and volunteer/educational opportunities, to pre-trip preparations such as vaccines, visas, packing lists, useful travel apps, and airport pick-ups. I will research and suggest novels to read set in that location, podcasts to listen to and relevant movies to watch which educate you and your family about that country's history, culture, current events, and language. I will give you and your children a game-plan for personal fundraising, ie supplies for a school they will visit or clothing for an orphanage. I can help you guide your family through the process of microloans in the country you will be visiting, by making a small investment ($25) into a local business, through companies such as KIVA, and watching that entrepreneur achieve success. Post-trip, I will give you ideas to keep the memories fresh and keep your kids engaged in continuing relationships made abroad and lessons learned.


These details enhance your experience, and make you a traveler, not a tourist.

I also create bespoke travel itineraries for your trip, so that every detail is at your fingertips...