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Hello! I'm Elizabeth de Quillacq. I am a bilingual, dual nationality French-American. With a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, my professional background ranges from embassies, consulates, and foreign governments to the huge retail store Selfridges in London, England and working for TED talks.

I am an expert travel advisor. I’m not a typical travel agent (I don’t rely on commissions, no sales quotas, or kickbacks - I won’t “sell” you anything, which allows me to be completely unbiased). I offer advice and planning with flat-fee options from a 2-hour consult to get you started (or help with a specific aspect of your trip) to a full service where my team and I take care of all of the hundreds of details.

With my super-smart husband and 3 tolerant children, we've lived in, worked in and traveled to 53 countries including Italy, Peru, Cuba, Israel, Cambodia, Guatemala, Nepal, Canada, Japan, Australia, Iceland, France, and several African nations and Caribbean Islands … just to name a few of our favorites. My twins were 10 days old when they got their first passport. Living in Europe for 12 years means that we visited practically every country there, too. But what makes our travels unique is that we have meaningful experiences and true adventure. No tour groups, no chain hotels, no tourist traps. We see the authentic country through our choices of lodging, meals, transport and activities. We volunteer at schools. We visit with local artists. We bring our skills to share, but mostly we learn. We all come home better people, humble and enriched; especially the children who have seen the world outside of their bubble and temporarily lived a different life.

My team and I work with only hand-picked hotels, guides, tours, and travel companies that we have an established relationship with.

Our expertise, connections, and common sense will make your vacation better.

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