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This is not your grandmother's travel agency.


We are not travel agents. Travel agents are salespeople.  We are expert travel advisors. We do not rely on commissions, nor do we receive kickbacks or incentives of any kind. We have no targets or quotas, so we will not sell you anything. We are completely unbiased and independent.

We charge a flat fee with no hidden costs.


Your trip will be tailor-made for you & your family based on your ages, skills, budget, goals and interests, personal needs, abilities, restrictions, and of course your sense of adventure!


We would sit down together and I would give you my direction, advice, expert opinion, and answer questions. Or, you choose one area of the trip, ie lodging, and I will research / use my expertise and send you a curated selection of hotels, resorts, etc.

Some clients simply need someone to “kick start” their travel planning. I offer a one-time, 5-hour package whereby my team and I will use our expertise and experience to sift through all of the information, do research, narrow down your options, give advice, and make suggestions based on your requests, interests, and budget. This may include a selection of activities, sights, guides and tours with people and companies we trust, events, hotels/resorts, shopping, restaurants, insider tips, practical logistics, and more. It’s like what you would have after spending 64 hours on TripAdvisor!
You take it from there.
Click HERE for a video walking you through an example.

After your Kickstart is complete, you will have access to an additional 2 hours of Souvenir & Far services to either pencil out an itinerary, do extra research, or answer follow up questions, for a maximum of 8 emails.

A detailed, interactive itinerary with maps, hyperlinks, and all travel details. There’s even an app! See an example HERE.

Or, if you’ve already organized your trip, send me all of your travel plans and I’ll put them together in a customized itinerary like the previous example.


**Rates for full service vary, depending on the number of travelers, destination(s), length of stay, and trip complexity.
The term “suggest” indicates curated options, expertly researched and chosen specifically for you from amongst trusted contacts, reputable providers, and personal recommendations, based on your budget, requests, and style.

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