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Our trip to Cambodia was featured in USA TODAYThe article focused on the “roughing it” aspect, but don’t worry, we also stayed in some fabulous 5-star boutique hotels as well!

My son's college application essay about playing chess in Peru and Cuba got him admitted to his dream school.


My daughter's college application essay about Cambodia got her admitted to her dream school.


TEDxNavesink – now TEDxAsburyPark –awarded them “Makers of Monmouth” following their solo trip to Haiti after the earthquake.


I was featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s podcast, PROBLEM SOLVERS, discussing my approach to business in the time of a global pandemic.

to hear the whole episode, or skip ahead to minute 17:35 to hear my contribution.

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I sat down with Christy from Travel Geniuses to discuss my completely different business model on her highly regarded industry podcast.

to hear the full interview.

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