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Hello! I’m Elizabeth the owner and founder of Souvenir & Far. I built this company to help YOU travel better, whether near or far…. (Get it? SouveNIR & FAR)

I am an expert travel advisor. I’m not a typical travel agent (I don’t rely on commissions, no sales quotas, or kickbacks - I won’t “sell” you anything, which allows me to be completely unbiased.)  

With a master's degree from the London School of Economics, I am a bilingual, dual nationality French-American. My professional background ranges from foreign governments, embassies and consulates, to Selfridges department store in London, England and working for TED Talks.  I've lived in, worked in, and traveled to 63 countries.


Stacie is our hotel and resort reservation specialist. She coordinates hotel quotes with room and price options and then seamlessly books your choice, getting you upgrades, complimentary meals, and other valuable perks.

Even though Stacie did not travel to Europe until 10 years ago, she has since been to over 20 different European countries and 45 cities, but she is on a quest to see them all! Her favorite part about traveling is the planning, which is why working at Souvenir & Far and helping our clients plan their dream vacation is the perfect job for her.

Stacie enjoys photographing the unique architecture in each city she visits, and often uses her photos as inspiration to create embroidered art. 

Stacie Forman.jpeg

Theresa is a wiz at research and keeps an eye on every detail of our clients' complex adventures. With a background in graphic design, Theresa loves pulling together beautiful photos for our itineraries, our newsletter, and  social media posts.

Theresa has driven across the country at least 6 times, not including numerous other road trips all around the US. She and her family love finding off-the-beaten-path places to visit and eat, so she can tell you where to find the best strawberry milkshake or where you can sleep in a treehouse. Her most memorable trip has been 9 weeks "around the world," which included traveling from Seattle to Florida in an RV, a transatlantic cruise to Spain, then off to France, the Netherlands, Vietnam, and ending in Hawaii.

Theresa's other passion lies in the miniature world, where she is a dollhouse miniature artist, creating a beach town that many people have said inspires them to want to travel to her tiny world. 


Liz is our Caribbean specialist.

She grew up going to the BVI/USVI and calls it her “happy place”.

After college, she sailed around the world, (even crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans), crewing on luxury mega yachts in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Mediterranean, and the USA (yes, like the show Below Deck!).

Her passion for well-decorated and designed hotels helps us find beautiful, one-of-a-kind properties for our clients in the Caribbean… and beyond!

Ambroise is our constant travel companion.

He will go anywhere, any time.  He loves private guided tours, science museums, and donuts. His role at Souvenir & Far ranges from Chief Marketing Officer (choosing photos for my Instagram), Chief Security Officer (testing suitcase locks), and our Chief Bed Tester at every hotel I inspect. 

His ongoing quest is to find the world's best Shirley Temple and the current winner is Muriel's in New Orleans. 


Gontran is our CFO, Head of Accounting, and Legal Advisor.

He's the one who writes our contracts, pays our taxes and bills, and to be honest, keeps us all out of prison. (Just kidding!)

Full disclosure: He's also my sexy French husband :)

Madeline: My daughter, AKA "the unpaid intern," is a constant traveler, acting as my eyes on the ground in whatever country she is visiting. She is currently living in Korea.  

Theo: My oldest son. This acorn had fallen so far from the tree, it rolled down the hill!  He hates travel! However, he has a sound business head and is always giving me great advice.

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